Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Jordan (what else?)

Had a really good weekend with Jordan. We went food shopping on Friday (I'm supposed to be learning how to cook because I got awful tired of Hamburger/Tuna helper awful quickly). I think I'm going to pick up a stir-fry cookbook or get some recipe's offline or just learn how to basically make it and then work off of that. I guess the big thing is how to make sauces or what sauces to buy, cause I really don't know. But anyway...we had nachos for dinner and then we watched The Whole Ten Yards, which he found very funny even though he'd only seen part of the first one.

Then Saturday I woke up feeling really drained, and so did he, so we didn't really do anything all morning. We slept in, and then lazed around the house, and didn't even really have lunch. Then we finally went back to the grocery store to buy a pot to boil a lot of potatos in so I could make potato salad for this boat cruise thing that my school was having for the teachers and faculty. So we dawdle around the store, and finally find everything, and slowly go check out, and as we're leaving Jordan asks if we can stop at a pet store and look at some puppies and kitties, and I look at the clock and realize that we have about an hour and a half to make this huge potato salad. So suddenly we start rushing home and we start rushing to cook and as I'm getting the recipe from my mom I realize that we forgot eggs. So Jordan runs out to get those and we end up finishing just in time to go. We were supposed to meet a couple of people at the church to give them a ride and we make it on time there and they don't show up! So we get to the boat and we have a lot of fun hanging out with people. Jordan had to explain a few times how as a Baptist he ended up at a Concordia ("their rep got me out of Algebra 6 times in one year"). We went swimming and overall had fun. Everyone at my church seems to like him, so that's cool. We also got told we were't supposed to be affectionate because everyone else was married so they stopped being affectionate years ago. As Matt said, "Ever since we had our second kid Sarah and I haven't even kissed." I know they were joking, but I hope that Jordan and I never lose that public affection after we get married. I love holding his hand.

Anyway, after we got home I started to feel really crappy, like sick crappy. And I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat, and that sucked. But once I plugged in the vaporizer my throat felt a lot better. I still feel really sick but hopefully it's just a cold and it will get better. Oh, and I'm gonna marry Jordan. Today, before he left, he looked down my throat to see if I had strep, and he said that my tonsils were swollen but there were no white spots and that my breath smelled a little like strep. And after looking down my throat and smelling my sick breath he still loves me so he must be the one.

And today I've spent feeling crappy and talking to Jordan and fighting with Jordan and talking again, and not cleaning any of the twenty messes around my apartment or grading any of the papers I need to grade. Speaking of, I should get some stuff done...

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