Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Answered prayers are happy things

So I've been talking to lots of people, Jordan, my mom, other teachers at my school. Have struck upon a plan that seems like it will work well. It has not been totally decided upon, but my mom was very favorable toward it.

Jordan suggested tonight that maybe we have the wedding at First Baptist in Chicago (where he attended while at CURF). We could probably still have a Christmas Eve wedding, after the Christmas Eve service. It's a half-way point for our families in St. Louis and Michigan, which feels really good to me. I mean, it makes it harder for both sides and easier for both sides without giving favor to one over the other. And it's within driving distance for both so it's more affordable. Oh, and we'd also probably have his dad perform the ceremony, which I think is really neat. We can probably get a discount on a bunch of rooms at The Write Inn which is right next to the church. And Jordan and I could get a room downtown for our wedding night. I could walk around downtown in my wedding dress! Tee hee. That might be fun. Or dirty. Maybe not...anyway...

I feel really good about this. You know that feeling when a big puzzle piece just clicks in suddenly? Yeah, that's how this feels.

He talked to a professor at the seminary today who agreed to do our marriage counseling, too. Also cool.

I'm going to get married. Yay me.
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