Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl


I haven't been sleeping well at all lately. I wake up around 4 and can't fall back asleep right away. This is NOT GOOD. Last night I woke up quite a few times, and I couldn't fall asleep for like an hour. The first time I woke up was due to the man banging on someone else's front door at 1:37 (yes, my clock did read that). And yelling stuff. I thought I heard the word "whore" but it was two floors down. I tried to ignore it, but when I heard the window break, I called 911. I wasn't sure it was a window break, it could have just been a bottle thrown or something like that. They asked if I wanted to talk to the police when they got there and since I was in bed and not wearing a whole lot and I needed desperately to sleep, I said no. I also called Jordan cause I was a little freaked out. Saw the guy who was doing the banging get into his white pick-up and leave. So I'll be worried when I see a white pick-up from now on.

So the police got there and I watched them for a few from my window. The dispatcher called back a few times with questions. I think they found the apartment cause I thought I heard a woman's voice after awhile. I fell back asleep until around 330 or 4, but I didn't wake up then for the usual reason. I woke up then because someone from maintenance was nailing boards into the windowframe. So it turns out it was a broken window.

Tossed and turned while he fixed the window and fell back asleep a little. Reset my alarm and got to school later than usual. Have been tired all day. Have a million things to do and am still majorly behind in grading. Have to be home for the cable guy to get here so he can give me Internet and basic cable so I can watch next week's season premiere of Veronica Mars.

I'm going to stop at Walgreens tonight and pick up a new toothbrush and see if they have any melatonin. I need real sleep again. This is not working for me.

So. Yeah. Anyway.

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