Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

I actually redid my interests cause I didn't want to write about the ones it originally picked

LJ Interests meme results

  1. calculus:
    I have always loved this section of math. I think it's challenging and fun and one day I'd like to take Calc 4. Don't know if it will ever happen though.
  2. commenting to you:
    This was added during the very long comment thread between me and karkota a long while back. Haven't had the heart to take it off during any clean-ups yet.
  3. dogs:
    I'm a dog person, mostly. I like cats and all, but we've always had dogs and I miss Koko.
  4. friday:
    That is between Jordan and me and it shall stay there for now.
  5. insanity:
    Um, duh. It's me. I'm insane. Or at least I am sometimes.
  6. lost in translation:
    This is mine and Jordan's best friends in love movie. We're actually watching it again this weekend.
  7. pink:
    My favorite color since I knew the colors. Hot pink, specifically.
  8. roadtrips:
    I loved taking road trips with Jordan to St. Louis before we were together.
  9. storms:
    For the same reason everyone else loves them. And the standing in the rain reason as mentioned previously.
  10. weekends:
    That's when I get to see Jordan

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