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I'm officially engaged!

So today Jordan asked me to marry him. And I said "Yes." So we're officially engaged even though we've been talking about it for awhile now. So I can start telling people and inviting them to the wedding and all that. I'm going to write out the long version of the engagement below, so if you don't want to read it all then stop reading now.

Okay, for those of you still reading who love me: Earlier this week Jordan suggested that since we were broke we have a "romantic dinner and a movie in." He was going to cook me dinner and then "pick me up" from whatever room I was in and escort me to dinner. Then we were going to watch one of "our" movies in the living room. So we were planning on doing that Saturday because I had to be at a grade school dance on Friday. Well, the dance got postponed so when I called and told him on Friday he said we should do the dinner and movie night on Friday. When I see him after school, the first thing he tells me is that he's feeling kind of brave so maybe we could call and he could ask my parents for their permission today. So we get home and we try to call and ALL NIGHT my parents who never go out are not home. We tried so many times to call. And I told Jordan that he had to have their permission before he asked me. So I kind of suspected that he had the ring because he wanted to call and then earlier my sister had called to talk to him urgently and that had me suspicious too. I thought he might be asking me after or during the dinner. Well, anyway, we had the dinner and then we watched "our" movie, Lost in Translation, during which I fell asleep. At about 9:15 (yes, I am sad and pathetic and that is how early I get exhausted nowadays) we went to bed. Oh, and I told him before we went to bed that I kind of thought he might have planned on proposing and he said that he didn't have the ring yet so he couldn't ask me. And I believed him, too, cause he was believable. We got up today and had breakfast and then went mallratting and then came back and he made me tuna fish and we called my family and he asked my mom for her permission and she said yes and he got really happy cause she was the one we were worried about. After that we talked to my dad and he gave Jordan a hard time ("what, you're asking me on the phone? You gotta ask me in person so I can punch you in the nose!") but then said yes, too. After that I talked to them for a few minutes while Jordan danced a jig in the living room. Then we watched the rest of our movie and he got all cuddly at the end of it. Oh, and somehow between the mall and home I'd suddenly gotten into a bad mood funk (my mood swings have been terrible lately) and I was only starting to feel better after the movie. Okay, then the movie ended and we were going to play a board game, but Jordan said to hold on, he wanted to show me the screensavor that he was working on. He'd mentioned it earlier when he'd asked me if I had any pictures of us that he didn't have. He said he was making this screensavor of pictures of the two of us for his computer. And so he sets this slideshow of pictures up on his laptop and he says, "I'm trying to figure out how to embed music into it." When he sets the computer up on the table and starts the slideshow I hear that the computer's playing our song, "If I Ever Leave This World Alive." And I smile and start watching the pictures. And when it gets to the end, he suddenly stops the slideshow and drops down to one knee and opens this ring box that I had no idea he had been holding and says, "So will you marry me?" I got the biggest smile on my face and looked at him and didn't say anything right away. And then I realized that I hadn't said anything so I said "Yes" right before he was going to ask me if I was going to answer anytime soon. And we hugged and my eyes got all watery and I almost cried and it was really nice. And then we watch the slideshow again and I see that the last picture was him holding the ring. I didn't see it the first time because he stopped the slideshow instead of pausing it and it jumped back to the beginning instead of staying on that picture. And I smiled cause it was a really cute way to propose.

Anyway, that's my story, and here's my ring (the photo is from the webpage, mine is a little different, it's a little bit bigger diamond that's a lot better quality):

It's really pretty and I love it and I can't decide if I want to wear them both cause they go together or just the diamond part and not wear the band until we're married. It's asymetrical if I don't wear the band (the diamonds on the side are on two separate bands, one set is on the engagement ring and the other is on the wedding band). So I can't decide. It still looks nice without the band, I just don't know which I want to do. Opinions, anyone?

By the way, we're officially getting married December 24th in Chicago. We'll let people know more details as they become more certain.

And, in true Jersey Girl fashion, we're going to celebrate our engagement by going out for pizza. Only we're actually going to go get pizza. It was funny, my mom asked me what we were going to do to celebrate and I told her that we couldn't afford anything so we were going to probably just play board games. Which we did, by the way. Jordan beat me in Trivial Pursuit. I, of course, could not win the elusive Sports and Leisure pie. Jordan had trouble with Arts and Entertainment but finally won. And rightly so. He's smarter than me.

In It is 90 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes and 55 seconds (give or take) I will be Lisa Marie Dollar.

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