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Days off of school simply because you're a first-year teacher are nice

I had a good weekend. I saw Jordan for a lot of it, though not nearly enough (dumb meetings). Watched Cinderella which I have on DVD now thanks to my Disney gift card. Watched Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch, which wasn't too bad, though not as good as the first. Jordan and I made really good apple pie, and Jordan got a little silly after having an Irish Car Bomb w/o the Guinness and half of a Scotch Sour. But it was cute. And on Sunday I went to Camp Lonestar for a Beginning Teacher's Retreat. Which was a lot of fun, and a lot of help, if only because you got to see other people who were going through the same things as you. Had a sub at school today for the retreat, hence the subject of this entry. Got back from that today and didn't get a chance to help with the PSIA thing at school (ask and I'll explain) so I went home, made some stuffing for dinner, had a bunch of popsicles, and worked on some grading. UGH. I am so tired of grading. I think I'm going to go through and just give 100's on all the absent papers I have yet to grade. And 85's on all the late papers I have yet to grade. And then I'll get over it. Because I have a handful of little things that need to be graded and then I have three classes worth of tests from today and tomorrow that are going to need to be graded soon, and they'll be unhappy if they have to wait a long time to get them back. So it's time to cut my losses, say who cares, and just give them credit. It's all homework that won't affect their grade so terribly anyway. So, yeah, that's it for that. I also have a big electric bill to pay this month and a bunch of other payments but I should have money enough for all of them so that's okay too. Aside from the fact that whenever I sit lately I feel uncomfortably large in the stomach area (it just gets really squished and I feel fat even though I know I'm not) things are going pretty well.

Jordan has an interview with a church in Austin for a job! This is really exciting, cause he's been waiting for one for awhile. Pray that he does well and will be considered and be offered the position because it would mean he would be making money and it would mean he would have a job already for when he moves down here. Also, pray that he find some poor shmuck to saddle his apartment on kind student who needs a place to live and would like Jordan's for next semester so that we're not paying for rent for two places.

Also, I really need to clean my apartment. Prayer for that to happen would be nice.

Also, our first marriage counseling session is this weekend. Not sure what to expect, but prayers would always be welcome for that as well.

I should get ready for bed now. Goodnight all.
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