Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Semi-long ramble about my life

Okay, so things are better. I'm mostly caught up.

Had a...different weekend with Jordan. We both kept being in either mad, down, or off moods, but never at the same time, and most of the time when one of us was happy the other one was in a mood, so it was kinda hard to call it a good weekend. But it happens. Good news, however, is that he got a job! He's an interim youth minister at Highland Park Baptist Church. It's a really really nice church. Everyone (literally, most of the people who were in attendence, not just the "greaters") came up to us the first time we visited and asked about who we were and what brought us to their church and hoped we came back again. And it's smaller than Redeemer, which I like. Redeemer is a wonderful church, in many ways a good anomaly from lots of Lutheran churches, but it's so big that it is still intimidating sometimes. I think I'll enjoy going to a smaller church a little more. Anyway, we're really excited and we've already spent or planned to spend his first two paychecks. We're buying a boxspring, maybe a bedframe, new clothes for our jobs, and Christmas presents. Because Christmas is just around the corner...which means that our wedding is just around the corner too!

I realized today that I don't want to go back to college. I was looking at pictures from Ashley's LJ and the cluster did a whole Wizard of Oz Halloween theme for a decorating contest and it looked pretty neat, they probably deserve the $100 prize. And I was looking at my old friends and I thought they seemed to have a lot of fun and I realized that if I had a choice, I'd still rather have been here, and not there. Which is kind of hard to admit at first, but it gets easier. And it's even harder to admit friends that you once thought of as lifetime friends are really just seasonal friends. But it happens. It's kind of disappointing that my last semester at CURF was my student teaching, because I wasn't able to do so many things that I would normally have done, including a lot of activities with friends. Anyway, I'm kind of rambling.

I do miss a lot of people, and I wish more of you could come to my wedding so I could see you again. Maybe some of you can come to Michigan this summer for our 6-month anniversary/late reception, especially those of you with family ties to that state still.

I should probably go to bed. Oh! I was really excited, I don't think I posted about this. My whole school staff went to a conference last weekend and I brought Apples to Apples and they all really liked it. I hadn't played in such a long time. BTW, it's very hard to play with like 15 people and two beds in the middle of the room so there is no single middle floor space area around which to sit and play. But it was still a great time. I won maybe one card the entire time, too.

My kitten is terribly cute.

Didn't dress up for Halloween this year. Kind of missed it, but I didn't really have a costume. Should probably have gone to my school's Trunk or Treat tonight, but didn't. Took a nap instead.

Okay, I'll stop babbling now. Have a happy Halloween everyone, and good night!

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