Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

More Dress Code rant

Sorry, but I have no where else to rant so skip it if you don't want to hear it.

Coming from not only a former student who of course hated dress codes, but also coming from a teacher who currently has to enforce dress codes, and I can't say for sure but I think that this will still come from a parent with a kid who wants to wear whatever...

WHY DO WE FORCE KIDS TO ALL DRESS ALIKE? Pre-teens and teens are at a time in their life when they are trying to find an identity, trying to find out who they are and trying to express themselves in many different forms, and their choice of clothing is part of that. Clothes don't make the person, no, but they can reflect our personality, and who we are. And once kids get out of high school and they get a job they generally have to dress "professionally" and have less freedom in their dress. Let them express themselves while they still can! Parents who whine about how their kids get teased because they're not wearing the "right" kind of clothes--I got teased when I was in grade school, but I liked my clothes and yeah, I didn't like getting teased but I'd rather have the choice to wear what I want than to have to wear a uniform. And while the statement "What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right" may be true, so is the statement "What is popular is what is sold at stores." This school's dress code requires that jeans and pants be at the waist. Go find jeans, even in the kids sections, but especially in the juniors section, that are actually at the waist. You can't. Jeans are not sold that way right now. In fact, on most people jeans at the waist are really unnattractive looking. I know they are on me. Plus some of these girls have high waists, they would look ridiculous if their jeans were at their waist. And all shirts are supposed to be tucked in. But go find long shirts at the stores. Two years ago, you wouldn't have found any. Now there are long shirts, but those ones are usually tank tops or spaghetti strap tops or other tops that show too much shoulder or cleavege for them to wear it to school. And quite a few girl's tops aren't even meant to be tucked in. And most skirts are not meant to be worn with a top that is tucked in, they look ridiculous.

My ideal dress code? Be neat and modest and wear appropriate clothing. Who decides what that is? The teachers. If they say it's okay, majority rules, then fine. If they say get changed it's inapprorpiate, then you change. If a parent sends their child here they agree that the teachers have the last word. So if a parent thinks something is okay but the teachers say no, then aw, well. Teachers decide. Should your shirt be tucked in? If it looks sloppy untucked, like a t-shirt would, then yes. If it looks nice untucked or not sloppy, then no. Subjective? Yes. Arbitrary? Not as much, in my opinion. Freedom? To an extent. Kids can't come in wearing anti-Christian clothing, or revealing clothing, but they can still wear things that express who they are, and not khaki pants and a white polo every day (unless that's who they are). Oh, and skirts? MID-THIGH. It is totally ridiculous to require that long-legged girls have longer skirts than short girls. Mid-thigh is fair and even all around. Harder to enforce? Maybe. But it's not prejudiced against tall girls. Seriously. You take a skirt that is 3 inches above the knee on a petite girl and find that same skirt in the store in a taller girls size and it will be more like 6 inches above the knee. The same skirt. And you know what? It would still look modest on the tall girl!!! Cause the same proportion of skin would be showing!!!

Okay, deep breath. End rant.
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