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I so want to cry (well nm, I just did)

I called Liz (my godmom) today to find out about her hotel room for the wedding. She says that she feels terrible (she sounded more sorry than Jeanne) but her finances have turned and she's not sure if she can come or not. This is great. Fan-flipping-tastic. My side of the wedding is going to be my mom. My sisters will be in the wedding, and my dad is giving me away. She's the only person who will be sitting on my side. I never thought that line from Bed Of Roses would apply to me and my huge family, "How are you going to explain your side of the wedding, me"

My mom would say "you knew this was going to happen Lisa. You knew that having it on Christmas Eve no one would be able to come." BULLSHIT. Jordan's fucking family is coming. He's got relatives from New Mexico/Arizona/someplace like that, and relatives from VIRGINIA coming. These are people who wouldn't ordinarily be coming to St. Louis for Christmas, no, they are making a special trip. And you know what, I didn't expect a lot of people, but I figured that my aunt would come because I was always a special neice (I'll be pissed if she goes to Florida and sees Bernie get married whenever that happens), and I figured that Liz would probably come and I figured that my grandma might come because Jeanne would be coming. And then, since it was so close to Arizona (or a lot closer than MI) I thought my other grandparents might come and maybe one or both of my mom's siblings who live out there might come. No one is going to come. Not that I have a whole lot of friends, or a whole lot of friends with money to travel with, but none of them are coming either.

I feel real loved and important right now.

I just don't understand.
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