Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

So Texas had an "Ice Day" today and schools were indeed closed. I had a great day off. I slept in and then went shopping. I had money in a savings account that I wanted to close and instead of redepositing it like a good girl, I spent it on fun stuff. A cute dress from Rave, my wedding night outfit (which I will say no more about because Jordan reads this, but ask me privately if you want to hear about it) and good scotch. Ahhh, I finally had a Velvet Kilt, and it had been too long since the last.

The downsides of today: First of all, I was playing putt-putt at the mall with Jordan and TWICE kids (the first time junior high-freshmen age, the second about 9) starting playing the hole that Jordan and I were on while we were still playing! Who does that?!? Where were their parents? I mean, the first time it was three boys just messing around, we let them ahead, fine, rude but not a big deal. The second time it was like what the heck? Why is there a nine-year-old doing this without a parent around? This isn't a babysitters, don't just leave your 9-year-old here BY HIMSELF to piss me off while you go finish your Christmas shopping. Seriously. Who leaves their kid alone like that? And from what I could tell he was alone. Man, it shouldn't have made me so annoyed, but, well, it did.

Second of all, I finally tried on my wedding dress after having it altered. The part the was altered fit okay, but I can barely zip it up by myself at the moment. I feel so fat right now. I KNOW I'M NOT FAT but I have gained ten pounds since moving down, at least, and I feel it. Jordan and I worked out today, and I'm going to try to do sit-ups daily until I get married, but damn. I hate feeling like this. And the worst part is, I'm hungry all the time. Before I tried to eat less calories I was still hungry a lot and now that I'm trying to eat less it's just totally uncomfortably hungry. I've read that you're not supposed to eat until you're full but if I didn't I would be uncomfortable and I would snack until I wasn't hungry anymore. And the other bad part is I've been trying to drink diet pop, but diet pop now has Splenda which is an appetite enhancer. You think the people who thought of doing that must have been high or something. Let's put an appetite enhancer in a diet soft drink, that makes sense, yeah.

Anyway, I'm done ranting now. Just pray that I fit into my dress on my wedding day. Which is 15 days away, or something like that. Yeah.

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