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Here's the list of presents in case you want to read it.

  • Cookies, Katie
  • Chili's GC, Molly
  • Ornament with Pink feathers and lime green trim, Kailey
  • Chocolates, Dennis
  • homemade card, Stevie
  • homemade card, Alex
  • homemade peanut brittle, Michael P.
  • Chex Mix, Nicki
  • Restaurant GC, the church
  • hand cream, Hayden
  • Memory book (like a baby book for a person), Allie
  • "Faith" pillow ornament, Halon
  • mints, Jenna
  • "Puppy Chow" from Jordan and Jana
  • Family Christian Store GC, the King fam.
  • Arby's GC, Dan H.
  • Church bookstore GC, Reece
  • Restaurant GC, Jason
  • Candleholder snowman "hope", Zane
  • Chocolate wisemen, Chandler
  • Peppermint bark, Shannon
  • Target GC, someone???
  • Body cream, Caroline & fam.
  • Divinity, Leslie
  • Barnes and Noble GC, Joel
  • Mary Kay stuff, Katelyn Kn.
  • Mint Fudge, Michael H.
  • Cake in a Cup, Moritz fam.
  • M and M's, David
  • Li Ben ornament, someone???
  • bath stuff, Alissa
  • ornaments, Crystal
  • notes and candle, Patrick
  • Tea with God book, Secret Pal
  • Chex Mix, Glen
  • Cocoa, Lee
  • Plumeria body stuff, Tandy
  • Christmas Plates, Kristin
  • Candle, Beth
  • Wedding Albums, Kristen
  • ornaments and candle, Megan
  • Big pink candle, Harlie
  • starbucks, Will Hughes and fam.
  • ornaments and cookie tray, Chris Snyder
  • card, Megan and Quentin
  • stress reliever sock, the Menkes
  • Snowman sled, Joshua Williamson

    And I'm watching Ernest Saves Christmas. I haven't watched this in years, and I still like it. Way cool.
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