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Today has been a very good day.

We went to get our marriage license and dropped off my dress to get it pressed. We stopped by the church and went through where people stand, etc.


I'm 95% excited, 3% nervous, 2% disbelieving. Or something like that.

I tried some sushi today. I forget the Japanese name for it, but the one with a "crab stick" was my favorite. Mmmm...I like crab. I also ate a whole meal, with rice and everything, with chopsticks! That is the first time I have ever tried and managed to do that. I was really excited.

I also got a very funny email from my Aunt Rita about how she really has a bad feeling about me getting married and she's really scared that I'm rushing and stuff. Highlights include: "What do you really know about this guy?" and "I haven't even met him and that scared the hell out of me" and "Why is this not a family affair?" and something about the fact that my "hole" family can't be there means it's a bad thing to have a wedding. I couldn't believe she was sending me this four days before I get married (FOUR DAYS! GIDDY GIGGLE). My response was slightly harsh on the family question. I told her family was not there because they chose not to be there. She is the only one who has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Every other member has given me some lame money reason. You know what? It's a couple hundred bucks. And we offered vouchers that would have paid for one whole person's flight. No one used them. No one felt that I was important enough to put on a credit card. No one could leave their family one Christmas out of their lives, to see family get married, which happens once in a life. Their choice. And I don't feel bad about it. My parents are there and so are my sisters and that's who I want there. And I found the "what do you really know about this guy" comment rather funny, seeing as I know almost everything a person can know about someone before you marry him. And she lives four hours away and she expects to meet him when he lives in another state. Um, not really gonna happen. But whatever, we'll see if she replies.

And I found out (one of?) Jordan's surprise(s) that he got me for the wedding night: he rented a limo! I was so excited I squeaked and smiled for half an hour. I have never been in a limo before and I have always wanted to. This is how perfect for me Jordan is and how well he knows me: I have mentioned maybe twice that I really wanted to ride in a limo one day, neither time in regards to the wedding. I never even hinted at it for the wedding. I didn't even know that I wanted it but he did, and it's so perfect. I love him so much.

And the last part of my fabulous day: I bought "The one with all ten seasons" gift set of Friends at Costco today for $175 dollars with tax. It was such a good price and I've been wanting all the seasons for so long. And it came in a gift set, I mean, what more could I ask for! And Jordan said I could get it even though it was a lot of money, and I told him that he could get a motorcycle (he's been itching for one lately for no particular reason, just a lot of little ones.) So now I need to go through and figure out what episodes I haven't seen. And it's late, so I shouldn't do it today. But I want to. Of course. Anyway. Have a great week, I'll try to post more later.
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