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The Wedding

It was very short. It was happening and then suddenly it was over. And it was also sort of surreal, like it couldn't have really been happening. But it was also wonderful. The best part was that after the handfasting Jordan and I kept holding hands through the rest of the service almost. Dad walked me down the aisle and I had to stop him from accidentally going to sit down early. Let's see...we had the "who gives this bride away" then we had a bible reading, then we had a homily, then the handfasting, the vows, the rings, the pronouncement, the presentation. Then Jordan's dad was about to finish and Jordan had to ask him "May I kiss the bride?" We had that part in the service we sent to him, but I think that he lost the last page cause we had to give him the blessing again, too. So that was kind of funny. His dad also choked up once at the end, which caused Jordan to cry a little more, too. Me, well, I cried a little and I got very teary-eyed and runny-nosed, but it really happened so fast that I felt like I didn't have time to cry. And then we recessed to "Go My Children" and I was happy cause I love that song. And that was it.

Memorable/Cool things:

We have the whole thing on tape cause someone in his church taped it for us. WAY nice of her.

After I walked down the aisle, when Jordan's dad said, "Be seated," Candace started to sit down but Michele had to stop her.

Jordan made my bouquet and it was absolutely beautiful. I helped make my sisters (mostly I did the ribbon) and they turned out really nice too.

Jordan had two major problems happen with his brother's rental kilt: the first being that the order was lost, the second being that when the order got there nothing fit Nathanael. But luckily they got to another rental place and got a kilt and even got two fancier jackets (one for Nathanael and one for Jordan) than what originally they were going to have. So that was nice.

Had a wedding dress fiasco. We had got it pressed and as we picked it up, the strap broke. (Strapless dress, but the strap for the hanger broke.) So when we got it back we just layed it out. Well, the cleaners had pulled up the train in the back and it was all bunched together, and since we didn't hang it up I didn't realize until I went to put the dress on right before the ceremony and found huge creases in the back. You know, the back, the part that everyone sees as I'm up at the front. Luckily there was an iron at the church and my mom ironed it for me, but we delayed the wedding by about 15 or 20 extra minutes. Ah, well. It looked much better.

The reception was fun. Cut the cake, had two kinds of cake so I got to enjoy my yellow cake with chocolate frosting, which I was told by someone that they liked far better than the wedding cake, so yay! Also, everyone told me to shove cake in Jordan's face but I was half-nice...I only put a little frosting on his nose. Had at least 7 different people taking pictures, so once they trickle in we'll have a great deal many to choose from. And many will be posted as well. Also had two kinds of punch (one was my mom's kind and I loved it as well.)

Had a limo ride for the first time. Loved it. Would have had a little more fun if my corset wasn't keeping me from being able to move. Jordan also had us drive through a Christmas lights festival in the limo. It was so misty and pretty out with the lights twinkling in the mist.

If I remember anything else I'll post it later. Will also be posting a first honeymoon entry (not the juicy details, though, sorry), a Christmas day entry, and a list of the MULTITUDE of presents that I/we got for Christmas, in the near future. Much love and a very merry Christmas to everyone!

EDIT: I remembered something else I wanted to say. The church's pastors wife came up to us the next day at church and told us that she had been to many weddings but had never before seen one where the bride and the groom looked at each other with such joy in their faces as at ours. That was a wonderful compliment.
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