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Gift cards...

Jordan and I had a ton of gift cards to Target and Walmart from the wedding, plus some other ones, including some to Toys 'R' Us. Here's what we bought (remember, this is marriage money)

Toys 'R' Us
Two DDR pads (the cheap ones, on sale even for $10 a piece)
DDR Max game
(still have $10 in gift cards there)

Memory card
Tennis rackets
Tennis balls
Speed and Air Force One
Thank You cards
(we overspent the gift cards here by $13)

We haven't spent Walmart money yet but we're probably going to buy a bedframe (just the frame, head- and footboards to come later) and we'll have over a hundred left there and nothing specific that we need. Yay for spending free money. We should get married more often. So we got home and set up the DDR and did that for probably almost an hour. It was fun.
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