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We leave for Disney tomorrow! At like 4am...cry. But it's okay, we'll still have fun. If I can make it to midnight, that is.

We promise pictures when we get back, we've just been so tired and lazy and honeymooner-y and not wanting to do anything but be together. See you in a week!

P.S. Guess what Lisa's going to be doing when we get back? Jordan talked me into a martial arts class. I'm in a yellow belt program for Jun Fan and Kali. I think it's for both, I'm not sure. One of them is Bruce Lee's Kung Fu or something like that. It will probably be fun, a good workout, and if I like it I'll change to a black-belt program. Oh, and we're also doing Filipino boxing, but that's like an extra thing on Saturdays.
Tags: honeymoon, kali
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