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Prologue: I am typing one-handed because the cat insists on being pet right now. And, my enter key is being bitchy.

So there are both good and bad things about being sick on your day off, and on a long weekend, no less.

The Good:
You have an excuse to not get anything done. (Except in this case I wanted to get stuff done.)
You don't have to miss school (yes, it's a good thing when you don't want another sub and you don't want to get behind. Student teachers especially will understand. I think teachers as a whole would rather be ill on weekends then during the week.)
Usually your significant other is also not working and can take care of you. (In this instance, that is not the case, as my husband is off on a midwinter retreat with a bunch of kids.)

The Bad:
You lose your winding down from the week time.
You don't get anything done.
You don't get to relax.

I think I lost my point, which was that although I'd rather be sick on the weekend, this weekend I had things I wanted to do and cleaning especially was one of them, and none of them are going to get done because I'm sick. I'm also missing the gala that the school is having and that I already shelled out $20 bucks for because I feel too miserable to even drive myself there. Blargh.
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