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I think I've finally realized what kind of person I'm attracted to in general. You know, what "my type" is, I guess. Except it's not the same for celebrities. I don't know why. Anyway, in case anyone is wondering, here it is:

In celebrities: I generally like older men, at least mid-twenties, especially ones who look better the older they get (Mel, Harrison, and Sean, and Sarah and I have bets that Ewan follows suit), preferably Australian or Scottish or Irish, with an accent, and usually with longish/longer hair. Nice muscles are usually good, too. Not necessarily like Arnold muscles, but Harrison and Mel muscles are nice. Usually blue eyes and brown hair. And a great singing voice, with accent especially, is wonderful.

In real life: skinny, average-tall, shorter hair, non-specific about the hair and eye color, but usually blue or green, deep ones. And they gotta look good in suspenders. And another really nice turn on is a dress shirt over a tee or something like that, that or a nice suit is great. Hmmmmm...anything else? Kick-ass glasses are a plus but not necessary. I can think of like 10 people who I know and have met recently who fall into this description, two of whom I've dated, so that's kinda why I think it might be my "type." Anywho...I'm done now.

Brett says to tell everyone he's too lazy to type an entry about the interesting events that occured tonight driving to and from a nice movie theater and that you should just read the entry I write about it, but I'm too lazy as well. Meanwhile, we have to be up this morning in, oh, what now, two and a half hours? That's okay, we can sleep afterwards.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
Jesus is Risen!!!
and I can be on AIM again!

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