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I got the living room cleaned and the laundry caught up. But to do so I had to cut into some of mine and Jordan's time together. I also didn't get as much as I was hoping to get done in way of school work. Seems like I have to pick and choose and no matter what I do, something gets left undone.

Jordan was really down this evening about the weekend being over. Seems like it goes by so fast and we hardly see each other. How is it that we can live in the same house and feel like we never spend time together? We're so tired in the mornings that we don't even want to get up together, usually one of us needs to wake up earlier than the other and the other wants to sleep in. I've been really wanting to do devos together in the mornings, like Anna and I used to do, but it's been nearly impossible to make work. And it's also just as impossible for me to do them by myself.

Saturday Jordan tested for his stripes on his white belt. He did really well; there were a few things he didn't know right away, and one or two that he had to repeat, but I think he was good, and he'll get it. I still haven't tested to get my white belt (I need to know the salutation but I haven't had time to practice it) and I really want to now that he's way ahead of me. I am finally starting to get into the classes. We had sparring the other day and it was a lot of fun.

I also got my Texas license, it should be arriving in the mail any time now. THAT was a pain. I don't think I'm gonna post about it but ask me sometime, it's a...story.

I feel like I've been less seasonally depressed this winter. Jordan says it's because the part that I get down about is the cold and not so much the lack of sunlight, and that's why I'm not as down. He says most people get down because it's so dark. While that is probably fairly true, I did get down sometimes because of how early it got dark. And here it's both warmer and it doesn't get dark at 4:30, so I have both things better. This fall was really hard for me, and school felt so terrible and overwhelming, and this winter just feels not so bad. Although, lately the week has seemed very, very long and Friday seems to take forever to get here. Anyway, hope everyone else is having a good winter!
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