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Life o' Lisa

Let's see...I got just about caught up this weekend despite feeling like crap all day Saturday because I SLEPT IN. I guess I have officially crossed over into morning person. :( Never thought it would happen to me.

We cleaned the kitchen and bathroom (most of it) Saturday night. I'm gonna try to clean the bedroom and living room tonight. Then, all we have left to do is unpack from our honeymoon. Yes, I did say that. What month is it? February? Psha. I've left unpacking for longer than that.

Jordan and I have also started, as of Friday, a Slim-Fast diet. Their website has a free service where it will set up meal plans for you, give you recipes and amounts, and if you follow their plans you can keep to the right amount of calories a day. It's worked pretty well, so far. I've lost a pound or two, depending on when I weigh myself. Jordan has lost 11 but don't worry, he always gains and loses a lot at a time. So...this is the first week we'll be doing it so wish us luck! Aside from still having to do wedding thank-you cards, and keeping our apartment from being trashed, we're doing really well. We've already had nights where we've been too tired for sex (and I thought we were newlyweds!).

Oh, and martial arts is starting to get better. Actually, I lectured my basic math class about calling themselves dumb and told them that they just need more time to learn math. I used the example of myself learning martial arts and how I have to try really hard and be told and shown everything at least 5 times before I start to get it, but I don't give up, even though sometimes I want to.

This Wednesday is 8th Grade Chapel, where the 8th grade leads the chapel. We're doing a skit called "First Come, First Served" that I did in Fish and I'm so proud of my students. Well, I don't know about the actors, I hope they're doing alright, but I haven't seen them practicing lately. However, I am proud of the students themselves. They worked really hard on the message they want to share with the middle school, and they are going to present it themselves. They split the message into five parts, one for each character, and one student is going to talk about each part. It's a brave thing to do for some of them, and like I said, I'm really pretty impressed.

Alright, I have to pee majorly and I want to get some cleaning done so I'm gonna jet. Love to all and I'm sorry I don't get to update more often!
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