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Sleepless nights...

I guess when you get up at 3, then go back to bed at 830, then get back up at 130, then go back to sleep at 730, and wake back up at 930 your sleeping schedule gets a bit kinkered. (That's my new word for the day. New word meaning I just made it up, not new word meaning I just learned it.)

People who can sleep through anything, including movies and me typing like crazy on computers are the envy of my life.

"It takes a special breed of friend, mostly cultivated at LHWL, to spend a whole weekend in DC watching movies and still have a great time." Brett said that today. And it is rather true.

We had a lot of fun today. Got up at 3, got a behind the scenes look at a mission. I'm supposed to "back up" Brett in case none of you believe him when he describes how these missions go, so here it is, it's a bunch of standing around and waiting while a bunch of people who think they have the final say make a decision and then get overruled by someone else who thinks he is in charge. They were all on the bus, waiting to be told if they were wearing raincoats, blouses, or overcoats, which they were told to nix, but you never know, I wouldn't have been surprised if they had. Anyway, it was fun overall. Brett said a bunch of the guys said I looked nice, and a few asked if I was available. I feel pretty.

The service was nice. I've never been to a sunrise service period before, and it was very cool to be able to say my first one took place on Easter in Arlington Cemetary. The weather was wet, but a very nice lady shared her yellow ducky umbrella with me, so I didn't get too wet. At least not this morning. The best part of the sermon, I feel almost blasphemous saying this is the best but it was, was the pastors example for "being thankful in all circumstances:" If I came home, and I found out my wife had left me, all that there was on the fridge was a note, saying how she couldn't live with me anymore, the first words out of my mouth would be: Thank the Lord.

So the service ended, and we went back to the training room, and all the rest of bravo company is upstairs, and about five minutes before brett and I leave, an order goes round about when monday morning fall-in or formation or whatever is going to be. Brett turns to me and says, "Perfect example. That order has been finalized just now. It won't get up to the guys up there for another half an hour or hour at least, even though they're all here and waiting."

So we went back to the apartment, went back to sleep. We were supposed to get up no later than 12 to go see museums, but I couldn't open my eyes at 12, so we ended up sleeping until 130. We got up, and ate something, and then we went downtown. Saw a bunch of sights, and I think I was adequately enthusiastic. Actually it was really cool. The Vietnam Memorial was really sobering. The Lincoln Memorial was cool, I took a picture of both it and the GW one from the same exact spot. I guess if you haven't been there you might not understand. Or maybe you would, I don't know. Then we walked to a couple of the Smithsonians, but they closed relatively soon after we got there. I got to see the first lady dresses, that's for you Jules, and then I got to see some really cool Earth Science stuff, mainly rocks and minerals and then these awesome precious gems. The stardust was very very awesome, maybe my favorite. Oh, yeah, and I got to see the Hope Diamond too. And a bunch of awesome insects, and Peter Rabbit exhibit. Anything else? I think that's it. So anyway, we get kicked out of the museum when it closes, and we get outside and it is pretty steadily raining, more than sprinkling, not quite pouring, but we were fairly drenched by the time we got back to the car, which was a ways away, parked over near the Lincoln Memorial. It brought back very nice memories of the last time we got caught in the rain together. I felt like such a scrub that night. (anyone wants to know they can ask me about this later, but I have been typing this for like an hour and I want to finish it already!)

So we get in the car and Brett asks me what I want to do with the rest of the night. I reply with "watch movies" in almost a monica-esque type of "say a statement like a question" tone, but not quite. To which he replies with ok, and the above quote. He complained that I don't have any quotes by him in my webpage. I just need to get the together, from him and a few other friends. Remind me to do that. So we get back, and we order pizza, I read some more Sandman, am going to go crazy without knowing what happens until the next time I get out here, seeing as I am only on like 12. Then we order pizza, and put on a movie, but I start to fall asleep, so Brett tells me to take a nap. About an hour later, he goes to bed, wakes me up in the process, and I couldn't fall back asleep. So now he's snoring away and I am wide awake.

Okay! Incredibly long entry finally done! I will write more about the rest of the weekend later, but basically it was really great, an awesome vacation.

Even if Brett was mean to me all day.

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