Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

My Spring Break (Literally)

So, for those of you who don't know, here's how my spring break went:

Jordan and I were all set to go on this ski trip with his church. Since I don't feel like typing out the long version, I'll give you the short one: We get there, and the second day of skiing, (Wednesday the 15th) I broke my leg. I barely remember the fall, but I remember it twisting and I just knew it was broken. I screamed and cried for help, scared out of my mind because Jordan was somewhere else taking lessons (we had both skied about the same amount previously but I had a little bit better hang of it than he did, and I was trying to stick to the easy slopes, but even the easy slopes are a little steep in Red River New Mexico). A lady who I had practically hit in my fall climbed up to stay with me while we were waiting for help--she talked to me and held my hand and I would have lost it without her. The ski people who helped me were so great. And they brought me down the mountain on one of those stretchers perfectly safely. We got to the clinic and Jordan was there. They had called him out of his lesson (he found out it was possible to run in ski boots). He was really worried but he held my hand and kept me safe. They decided it was too serious to deal with there so they sent me in an ambulance to Taos, 45 minutes away. I got morphine in the ambulance, yay for that. Jordan came with me. The verdict? Three fractures. Two breaks, one in the middle of my tibia and one higher up in my fibula, and one crack lower down the tibia. The doctor in Taos decided that he wanted to operate on it, so they did, that same night. Jordan called everyone in his cell phone to keep calm during the surgery, but everything ended up going well. I now have a metal rod in my leg.

The next three and a half days I spent in the hospital, which let Jordan see me in the recovery room, and which also let him stay with me at the hospital overnight (he slept in a surprisingly comfortable recliner). During that time we tried to figure out how we were planning on getting me home. We weren't relishing an 8-hour drive, stopping every 2.5 hours to have me get out and walk for a bit so I didn't get blood clots. Eventually (Saturday the 18th) we ended up getting picked up by his grandparents who live in Alburquerque and staying there for about 5 days. During that time I tried to get the dressings changed by an orthopedist who could also change the splint, and ended up twice at the ER trying to get the correct splint on. Some random guy claiming to be an orthopedist put me in a knee immobilizer, and when told that, two other doctors replied with, "Are you sure you saw an orthopedist? He really shouldn't have done that." Crazy people.

Then, on Thursday (the 23rd) Jordan and I flew home to Austin. We were planning on staying with some friends from Jordan's church, and we got picked up and got there and felt really nauseous from the plane flight. Neither of us usually gets this airsick, so it was kind of weird. We decide to sleep it off. However, I wake up in the am needing to pee and feeling even worse in the stomach area. Ended up throwing up into a little bathroom trash can. Fun. The next morning we still both feel terrible, and Jordan realizes that we had altitude sickness from flying down from Alberquerque instead of driving. I start feeling better, probably because I threw up, but Jordan still feels pretty blah all day long.

And finally that brings us to today. We're both feeling better and completely stir-crazy, Jordan probably even more so than me. Jordan also really wants to be home instead of staying with other people. Me, I just love living with close to total strangers, not being able to eat things I like, and having to put on pants everytime I get out of bed. However, our third-floor, no-elevator-access apartment isn't so welcoming to my splinted and mending, no-weight-on-it-allowed lower left leg at the moment. We're looking into extended stay places but right now it's all kind of on hold until Monday when we see our orthopedist here for the first time and find out what he wants to do for follow-up, and also when I call my work and find out exactly what my being on disability means. And until then, we wait.

And that's my short story version. I talk a lot, apparently. Jordan just got back, he was running an errand. I'm lonely without him but he should get out, I'm hoping he'll be able to make it to school on Tuesday. Anyway, I'm gonna go. Ta ta!
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