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I just watched a 50 minute advertisement for the Lutheran High School in lieu of chapel. I left during the commercial.

The chapel consisted of opening music by the band. "We are so fortunate to even have a band in a school our size, and we have a 28 member band. COME HERE."

Oh, and there was an opening commercial by our principal. "Concordia Academy sent some students to some science olympiad thing and the school won first place for private schools in the whole state of Texas. GO TO CONCORDIA ACADEMY."

Then the choir came out on stage. I think that choir is mandatory or something because it was like 40 members and they don't have many more students at their school. So the choir director spoke: "Listen to all the music we have performed at competitions. We compete! We are a competitive choir who almost made it to state. Come to our school!"

Then, they remembered that this was supposed to be a chapel and they needed to incorporate God's Word in more than just song. So they collected the offering and talked about our gifts to God. Then they sang a refrain about our gifts. The choir director said that inbetween refrains we would hear readings about that. What we heard were about 20 different Bible readings that were all completely random and had nothing to do with our gifts. "We read the Bible. We read all the popular verses aloud. Come to our school!" I stopped listening after 5, I'm sure the students stopped even sooner.

Then came the infomercial. The director came up to speak to us more about his teapot analogy that was his entire sermon last time. And how this is their chance to be a whistle and to get other people to come to Concordia. "We are a teapot. I'm short and stout. Come here!"

It was the worst thing ever. I left early with the plan of using the excuse that it takes me awhile to get upstairs in the wheelchair.

I am all for Lutheran High Schools, I like them, but don't use chapel as a place to perform and advertise. I don't think that's right at all.

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