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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Sunday for the following...

Begin rant:

Okay, so I understand that this is a livejournal and that people do not always post with perfect spelling and capitalization and grammar in their personal journals. That's personal preference. And I do appreciate that most people, when they post in a community, will use capitalization and punctuation fairly consistently. However, I am wondering if anyone ever goes through and rereads what they post before they post it (commonly referred to as proofreading)? I am constantly seeing people who have misspelled a simple word, or used the wrong spelling of "their/there/they're", or used threw instead of through, or who have left out a word entirely. It's really terribly frustrating to be reading an entry and come across all of these glaring errors. And I'm not complaining about the occassional run-on sentence or a poorly phrased sentence, because I make those mistakes myself. I'm talking about the really obvious things that anyone who went back and reread would have caught. I'm sick and tired of reading them!

End rant.
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