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For those of you in Detroit or its surrounding suburbs

So, talk about last minute...

I meant to post this earlier but I kept forgetting. Jordan and I are going to be in town this weekend. I have my sisters' graduations on Thursday and Friday evenings, and stuff going on Saturday evening, and Sunday, but if anyone wants to get together Friday or Saturday earlier, please let me know! Also, we might not have transportation as I don't think we'll be renting a car and one of my parents' vans is in the shop (possibly still). So you might have to provide transportation for me (what else is new?).

Also, Sunday is an open invitation to my house for anyone. It's my sister's grad party/meet Lisa's husband since no one came to the wedding party. So if none of the above times are available to you (*cough*Bud*cough*) and you want to come by on Sunday please feel free. If you need directions, call my cell or my parents house. If you don't know the number, reply to this LJ. Hope to see some of you!
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