Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Today Jordan and I worked over at our new apartment for a little while, putting up some window treatments that we bought at Home Depot. They're expensive, but they seem like they're going to be pretty decent. We got this for the living room sliding glass doors and then a texture for the window in our bedroom. We also got blackout curtains and a decorative blue curtain for our bedroom (blackout so that I can sleep in past sunrise). The window covers took FOR.EV.ER. to put up. But they ended up looking pretty good, so I'm happy.

Tomorrow is a big "work at school" day, and then Friday is the big "get ready for the big move" day. Saturday we're moving all our furniture and whatever boxes are already packed, since we'll have a UHaul.

And my computer battery is dying so I'm gonna wrap this up.
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