Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Happy Birthday to me.

It's been...a weird birthday. There's been good and bad parts, but they've been alternating:

Good (G) I woke up next to my husband.
Bad (B) I was too tired to shower so I felt a little grubby all day.
G. I got to school in time to get the stuff I needed to do before school done.
B. I didn't get nearly as much done during school as I had wanted.
G. I had a really good Algebra class today.
B. My room parents didn't bring me lunch (they're supposed to on your birthday).
G. A few of my students took the initiative on their own and collected money from my 8th graders to get me a gift card, and they all signed a birthday card. No parents organized it, they did. It was really neat.
G. My science classes went pretty well and they enjoyed the video.
G. After school I had fun organizing papers for PSIA.
B. I didn't get anything done after school. I had a whole list of stuff to do, and I ended up getting a headache and deciding that I didn't want to spend all of my birthday at school.
G. I got a birthday phone call from my dad.
B. I went home and didn't really have anything great that I wanted to eat for dinner.
G. I got a birthday card from Melissa.
B. I didn't get birthday cake on my birthday.
G. My husband gave me three birthday cards and a small present.
B. My husband didn't get back from school until 9:30 and we didn't really get to spend a lot of time together (but we'll be celebrating tomorrow, too.)
B. I graded all my quizzes and it looks like one of my students, a girl that I would never, ever, have thought it of, has cheated. It's really disappointing. It's also disappointing because I just talked to the two girls about it when I noticed their last quiz had one similiar answer, and the fact that this quiz now has 5 similiar answers (most of them wrong or right but written oddly), it just really bothers me.

Which makes it kind of end on a bad note, as that last thing is really eating at me, and I'm exhausted and I have to shower tomorrow morning.


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