Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Black Friday Rule

Today was a good day...

I got all of Jordan's Christmas presents, and I only went over our $150 budget by about $20, and when I told Jordan he said that's about what he spent on me. I also picked up gift cards for my sisters because I have no idea what to buy them anymore.

On the to-buy for list are my cousins and aunt and uncle because I'm going to visit them this December, about a week before Christmas, and I'm SO EXCITED. I haven't seen them, or my grandparents, or my great-grandma, all of whom live in Phoenix, in years. I have to email my aunt and find out what kind of presents I should buy for my cousins, because I have no idea as I haven't seen them in ages and don't even know how old they are. For all I know Megan is in high school or something! I don't have to shop for my grandparents, because Jordan and I are getting our picture taken at Sears and buying 8 x 10's for my parents, his parents, my grandparents, and his grandpa. I'll probably get a 5 x 7 for my great-grandma, and then we're going to get a bunch of wallets for a Christmas letter that Jordan and I are going to write and send to family in lieu of Christmas cards.

Jordan and I had a lot of fun tonight. I got all dominatrixed up in a black leather corset with fishnet thigh highs and garters, and a choker and made Jordan wear his black thong and dog collar and chain before he could come into the bedroom. We did some s & m, and bondage, and other fun stuff. First me in charge, but then Jordan took over and "forced" himself on me. It was very fun. I just wanted to mention it for no particular reason other than to say that we have lots of fun kinky sex together.

Also, I bought that stuff that Candace (not my sister, but I think she spells in the same way, and I'm in a hurry or I'd link to her LJ account) told me she uses on her hair to keep it in place and IT IS AWESOME. It totally keeps my bangs at a side part and off my eyes. Also, if I put a little on the roots it totally add tons of volume. I will be having fun with this. For anyone who is interested in a product that totally keeps your hair where you put it, try got 2 b glued styling glue. It's awesome. And thanks to Candace for recommending it. (And let me know if I spelling your name wrong, I'll fix it.)

Hope everyone else had a great Black Friday, because I sure did!

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