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CURF Friends Rock as Well

What Other People Think About Lisa
Volume Five By Sarah Kramer from Napa, California

My name: can you help me with this one? oh that's right. fred woodferd.
How well do you know me?: i'd say we are acquainted strangers
Do I smoke?: you did for a play-good cause
Do I believe in God?: . "um, that's a big [yes]" (you better know where that is from)
When you first saw me, what was your impression? she really likes sean connery (spelling?)
(opp. sex) Have you ever had a crush on me?: what does opposite sex mean?
(same sex) Have you ever been jealous of me?: yeth
Who am I in love with?: i have been asking myself that for a while now. do YOU know? currently, i think it is with someone who loves someone else who loves someone else. yeah, that's it.
Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?: freshman camp kissing game is lutheran rape
What's my favorite type of music?: um, NOT hiphoprapcrap
What is my worst feature?: new york abstains. couteously.
Do you look up or down on a person?: down i think, cause i'm taller than you
Am I shy or outgoing?: well, once i cracked you out of your shell, you became outgoing
Would you say I am funny?: all i can say is "i vant to suck your blood?"
Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?: eeny meeny miny, and mo.
Do I have any special talents?: quoting movies
Would you consider me a friend?: no, that is why i am rooming with you
If there was one good nickname for me, what it > be?: oueesa
Am I smart?: relatively speaking :-) -smarter than me in math
Do you love me?: yes. love is like oxygen. love is a many splendid thing. love lifts us up where we belong. all you need is love.
Name one way I have changed your life or made an impact in it: it feels so good to laugh. i love talking with you and i love laughing. we have a lot in common and i value our friendship.

What Other People Think About Lisa
Volume Six by Becky Nichols, current roommate

My name: Lisa Marie Woodward (oops! did I do that again? I meant Woodford)
Who am I in love with?: ***** (or ****? or *****? or ****? it's all confusing - no wonder i need a new roommate)
What's your funniest memory of me?: that time when you acted dumb (or maybe that other time when you acted dumb...or the get the drift)
Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?: rebel (i.e., waffle- maker)
Do I have any special talents?: acting (amazing and enviable), smart
What's my best accomplishment?: yourself
What is your favorite thing to do with me?: i do not know...someone never wants to do things with me
Am I smart?: that's debatable (joking...of course)
Name one way I have changed your life or made an impact in it: you have helpedme through so many things this year...when i have been feeling depressed about my wieght or other things...thank you so much

There's still two people that I would have loved to have gotten these from who haven't filled them out...*tear*...

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