Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Here are some New Year's pictures of me and Jordan...
Me and Jordan, right after we got there...Jordan wore his kilt and his new casual kilt shirt and vest.

These were all the people that we knew at the party, me, Jordan, Marcus (boss), Jessica (Marcus's wife), Reuben (another Sprint Employee) and his wife

A terrible, terrible, terrible picture.  I swear, we are not as drunk as we look in this photograph.

Some pics of me dancing...

These are some pics of me and Jordan doing that song, you know the one, with the "two hops now, right foot let's stomp."  I don't know the title.

And lastly, a pretty good picture of moi!

In other news, I don't feel so great.  I have a UTI, and even though I caught it early and I already feel like the meds are kicking in, it kept me up really late last night tossing and turning, feeling like I had to pee again right after I got back in bed, so I'm treally tired today, and this is a very long run-on sentence.  I'm going to shower and hit the hay.  Goodnight all.
Tags: jordan, new year's, pictures
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