Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Ice Days in Austin

Two cancelled days of school this week (and Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day). It feels like Christmas break again, but better because Jordan isn't working either. So we're just hanging out together.

So school's been cancelled because it's been freezing rain for two nights in a row. Jordan was having fun scraping ice off the car, I think he missed it and was just enjoying the cold. He may be the only person in Texas to own an ice scraper, however. As we were driving out, we saw a person waiting for their defroster to melt all the ice, a person using a hammer to get the ice off, and a person using a wooden spoon and cooking spatula. She was the funniest, with one in each hand. And instead of concentrating on the windows, she was trying to get it off of the whole car, I swear. When we drove by she was getting it off the top of a door. Maybe she thought it was frozen shut.

Oh, and on Monday the news gave Austin the kind of warnings that we would get in Detroit when it was going to be 20 below for awhile: Stay inside, only go out if you have to. Wear a hat and mittens, not gloves. Walk carefully.
The temperature has been hovering around freezing, dipping to maybe 24 degrees overnight. Austin makes me smile, because it's full of people who think that's dangerously cold. And I agree, that's why I moved here.

So, all in all, a lazy week. And Jordan says Hi.

And MELISSA! You HAVE to come to Texas on the 23rd or 30th of January. Alamo Drafthouse is actually going to be playing, on the big screen, THE SECRET OF THE SWORD. I almost screamed in the theater when I saw the ad. So, get a plane ticket and get down here! I want to have someone to go with! I am so thrilled, I'll probably be talking about it non-stop until then, and Lord knows Jordan won't want to go with me after hearing about it for two weeks.

EDIT: Nevermind. Now I am thoroughly depressed. Jordan just informed me that it's their one-man show where some stupid guy redubs the whole movie, making fun of it. Stupid Alamo. Why can't they just show the actual thing? I might write a letter in protest. I always say that I will and then don't, but this time I might actually write a letter. Or at least an email. Maybe an im. (Okay that last one was a joke.) Seriously I am totally bummed out. Melissa, you can stay home.
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