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Movies...cause I never watch movies...not watching one now, nope

So, I just did this meme of movies and I sucked it up, mostly because there were a lot of stupid comedy movies on it that I don't care to have seen, and a lot of horror movies on it that I also don't care to have seen. So, my sister killed me at it. Well..

I think I'm going to do a meme of movies that I own. To see how many people have seen the movies that I like and enjoy. So, if you want to do my movie meme, here it is. I'm including Jordan's in here as well, so there may be a handful that I haven't seen. Oh, and the categories below are totally arbitrary and of my own placement. You may place the movies elsewhere; this is where I decided to put them.

Dollar movie meme
Check all the movies you've seen.
Forward it to everyone you know.
Repost it everywhere.
Have fun.

(x)2000 Leagues Under the Sea
(x)Chasing Amy
( )Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
(x)The Neverending Story
(x)War Games
( )The Swiss Family Robinson
(x)Empire Records
Total so far: 9

Comedy/Romantic Comedy
(x)The American President
(x)Bruce Almighty
(x)The Castle
(x)Clerks II
(x)Down With Love
Total so far: 17

(x)A Guy Thing
(x)Jersey Girl
(x)Ocean's Eleven
(x)The Pink Panther (Peter Sellers)
(x)A Shot In the Dark
(x)The Return of the Pink Panther
( )The Pink Panther Strikes Again
( )Revenge of the Pink Panther
(x)The Pink Panther (Steve Martin)
Total so far: 24

(x)The Ref
(x)Ruthless People
(x)School of Rock
(x)Short Circuit
(x)Six Days, Seven Nights
(x)Space Cowboys
Total so far: 32

( )Strictly Ballroom
(x)Sweet Home Alabama
(x)Three To Tango
(x)Uptown Girls
(x)The Whole Nine Yards
(x)The Whole Ten Yards
Total so far: 38

( )O Brother, Where Art Thou?
(x)Sleepless in Seattle
(x)While You Were Sleeping
( )Young Frankenstein
(x)Bed of Roses
(x)Benny and Joon
(x)Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead
(x)Fools Rush In
(x)Girls Just Want to Have Fun
(x)Kissing a Fool
(x)Cool Runnings
Total so far: 47

( )Amistad
(x)Dangerous Liasions
(x)Dangerous Minds
(x)Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
(x)Goodbye, Lenin
(x)Life, or Something Like It
Total so far: 52

(x)LOTR: Fellowship
(x)LOTR: Two Towers
(x)Lost in Translation
(x)Man on Fire
(x)Mona Lisa Smile
(x)The Notebook
Total so far: 60

(x)The Professional (Leon)
(x)Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrmann)
(x)Secondhand Lions
(x)The Shawshank Redemption
(x)The Story of Us
(x)Meet Joe Black
(x)Only You
Total so far: 68

(x)The Silence of The Lambs
(x)Erin Brokovich
(x)Ever After
( )Good Morning, Vietnam!
(x)Good Will Hunting
( )Life is Beautiful
(x)Playing By Heart
Total so far: 74

(x)All Dogs Go To Heaven
(x)Chicken Run
(x)The Emperor's New Groove
(x)A Goofy Movie
(x)Lilo and Stitch
Total so far: 81

(x)The Little Mermaid
(x)The Rescuers Down Under
(x)Titan A.E.
(x)The Chipmunk Adventure
Total so far: 87

(x)Air Force One
(x)Batman Begins
(x)The Bourne Identity
(x)The Bourne Supremacy
(x)Die Hard
(x)Die Hard 2: Die Harder
(x)Die Hard with a Vengeance
(x)The Italian Job
Total so far: 95

(x)Lethal Weapon
(x)Lethal Weapon 2
(x)Lethal Weapon 3
(x)Lethal Weapon 4
(x)Men In Black
(x)Men In Black II
(x)The Rock
Total so far: 102

( )The Thin Red Line
(x)The Chronicles of Narnia
(x)Pirates of the Caribbean
(x)The Transporter
(x)Transporter 2
(x)The Mask of Zorro
(x)The Untouchables
(x)Bird on a Wire
(x)The Hunt for Red October
(x)The Jackal
Total so far: 113

Martial Arts
(x)Bulletproof Monk
( )Enter The Dragon
( )The Invincible
( )Legend of the Drunken Master
( )Mr. Nice Guy
( )Once Upon A Time in China II
( )Jackie Chan's First Strike
(x)Fist of Legend
Total so far: 116

( )A Christmas Carol
(x)A Christmas Story
(x)Miracle on 34th Street
(x)Muppets' Christmas Carol
( )National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
(x)The Santa Clause
(x)White Christmas
(x)The Nightmare Before Christmas

Grand Total: 122

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