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"Curiousity killed the cat."

"I want to know everything, everything," screeched Harriet suddenly, lying back and bouncing up and down on the bed. "Everything in the world, everything, everything."
~Louis Fitzhugh, Harriet the Spy

Sometimes that's how I feel. I want to find out everything about everybody. I want to know who loves who, and why, and for how long, and why nothing ever came of it. I want to know why people do things they swore they'd never do and why they still do things they said they weren't going to do. I want to know when things are going to change for some people and how long everyone has to wait before they're going to get what they want, including me. I remember after I read Harriet the Spy I started keeping a "notebook." I guess you could call it my first journal. I wonder if I've ever had an original thought in my entire life? Every time I read anything I end up mimicking whoever was in the story, same with poetry, I read a poem by Jewel, the next poem I write is in her style. I see a movie, I start to think like the main character, seriously. I have no idea what I'm rambling about, these are the kinds of random whats that you get from me when I'm sick.

And for something completely different, I get a kick out of the most random sentences that most people probably wouldn't find funny ever, but Beef cracked me up today:

"It's not sucking, it's reverse whistling." ~Matt Walters

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