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Mostly because I am rather articulate in some places...

I'm going to post my review of the season finale of VM here as well as at the community.

RIP, Logan, Veronica, and Keith.

I'd pretty much given up, but I watched tonight hoping for some semblance of closure. In vain. I know that it was filmed as a season finale, but I assumed that when it was filmed Rob knew his chances of being renewed were slim. I don't know the exact timeline, but I thought that the FBI idea was thrown around before they filmed the finale. I could be wrong about that, probably am, but if it was there should have been some sort of closure before jumping forward in time.

Some things were good, and were throw backs to old times, but some things were terrible.

I guess we'll start with the good.

I enjoyed the fact that the rich kids paid in the first episode, and that Weevil, while proven innocent, is still not "good." That is a great throwback to the old days.

I also enjoyed the "I'm in high school again" from Veronica. Although it wasn't all good. It made us realize something that has really been missing from this show, that made us love it in the first place. Veronica the Outcast. Veronica the Hated. I read an article recently about how shows that go from high school to college fizzle (link me anyone?), and I think one reason is that being an outcast in high school is major. Everyone knows you. Everyone has an opinion. They tried to do that with Veronica in college, but even though Hearst is billed as a small school, it didn't work. College is too big. Not everyone knows you. Veronica makes waves in the frat houses, if you're not a frat guy you may not care. Veronica makes waves in the feminist house, you're not a feminist, you may not know. College students think about other things. Veronica the outcast, as much as they tried, did not work in college, and only worked a little when Veronica had a sex tape released to everyone. I'm not even going there, and I'm not even going to discuss how quickly she jumped in bed with Piz and how I feel about that.

I guess I've moved into the terrible.

Honorable Keith should have resigned as sheriff and not tampered with evidence. Keith as PI can bend laws and sometimes break them, and it's okay because he's a vigilante. Keith as sheriff breaks laws and it's wrong and it makes the protagonist part of the corrupt society that he always fought against and it's disheartening. I'm not saying that he should have turned Veronica in, but he should have resigned before doing something illegal. I am saying that what he did was not what a man of integrity should have done, and we have always believed Keith to be a man of integrity. They ruined that today, if it was not already tarnished this season. I do think that this may have been the worst part about the episode. It exemplifies why Keith should never have been sheriff in this series to begin with, and I know we'll never know what happens but he should not be voted sheriff by the people of Neptune.

And Keith and Veronica not having a single conversation about it all? Lousy. They totally built to some kind of confrontation, doesn't have to be a screaming fight, but some kind of talk, and there is none. Anti-climatic all around.

I guess I should have worked up to the sheriff bit, because that was sort of the most developed and articulate argument. Ah, well.

Wallace is a (poor) basketball star...who didn't really play this season, I thought, because he wanted to concentrate on his studies...and who still got invited to the rich secret society on campus? Didn't totally work for me.

In this episode, Piz felt too much like Duncan, and having Jake there just highlighted the similarities between Dull #1 and Dull #2. Though I do admit that Piz and Veronica do have better chemistry than she and Duncan ever had.

Logan's lack of arc completion is disappointing, to grossly understate it. He is the only person who has consistently grown and changed this season, probably due to Jason's ability to work with garbage and turn it to gold. His character, though, has been minimized and trivialized this entire season. I'm not saying he has been perfect, but he has worked so hard to earn love and respect from Veronica, to prove that he is whatever it is that Veronica wants him to be. The most we get from Veronica is a look. A look. That is supposed to be our closure. That is supposed to be enough? That is supposed to be it? I wanted some closure. I wanted some finality. I wanted something that was at least substantial, and that was throw-away. I didn't need them together, wasn't expected a year's worth of change in one episode, but I wanted something more than a bone.

And Dick's growth was amazing. One question, though: Where was this all season? I hate Dick, always have, but on the premiere when we got really awesome character and depth, I was excited. And then it disappeared for the length of a Bible. A great idea, but way too late to make any difference. Perhaps if they had actually shown continuity and used it earlier.

Really, really disappointed. Happy it's not coming back.

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