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Happy Memorial Day (are you allowed to say that?)

We just grilled the best t-bone steaks that we've had in a long time. They were so juicy, and the side where the tenderloin is was just...there are no words. Seriously. We grilled them with corn on the cob (also grilled in the husk), and potatoes and onions wrapped in foil. And we also had coleslaw and some Bud Select. Seriously Good Food.

We also went shopping today. We slightly bent our budget and no buying stuff rule, but only slightly. I had a lot of gift cards from students for end of the year gifts, and so mostly we spent those. The other day we went to Costco and got this awesome Oil Painting for Beginners Kit. It included a how-to book, two small canvases, four or five brushes, a palate, a palate knife, and 14 colors of oil paints. All of that was only $20! We both thought it might be kind of a cool thing to get, so we did (gift card money!). And then today we went to Hobby Lobby, and we picked up a few more things, namely some paint thinner, a few more brushes, a couple of small practice canvases, a couple of larger canvases, and a Bob Ross how-to DVD. Who is Bob Ross you may ask? Do you remember the soft spoken guy on PBS who said that anyone can paint, and each show ("The Joy of Painting") he did a complete painting in half an hour? Well, that was Bob Ross. I used to love just watching him do a painting and I always wanted to try to paint one of his paintings...and now I'm going to!

In addition to that, we also bought some charcoals and a sketchpad. That's for Jordan mostly. Last night he couldn't sleep so he ended up writing a children's story, and the other night he told me a different story that would make quite a cute little children's story. He's going to try to sell both of them, but one of them he is going to try to illustrate himself. It's a story about two children who get turned into trees by a very mean witch. I'm really excited about seeing how it all turns out! But I'm really excited about him possibly selling his books, because they are really good stories and I think it would be really neat.

Those are the big deal buys. We also went to Best Buy yesterday and picked up Amelie and Cruel Intentions, both of which we were lacking in our DVD collection. Today we also went to Target and Ikea. Ikea was the only place where we didn't use a gift card, but all we bought was a shelf for my bathroom and some fluorescent lights to replace some of the incandescent ones in our house (saving energy, yo). At Target I bought some underwear and a pair of shorts that actually fits me (I've gained some weight since last summer, sigh). Oh, and Jordan bought a Pleasure Pack of Durex condoms, containing the following kinds of condoms: PERFORMAX, Ultimate Feeling, Intense Sensation, and Tropical (colors and flavors). We've only ever used regular condoms, so this should be interesting.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned this yet, but the reason I needed a shelf in the bathroom is that I have a lot of different hair products that I use now, since I had my hair cut, again! I just took pictures today, along with our amazing dinner, so I'll post later tonight or sometime this week, but it's totally shorter than it's ever been, and it's also totally cute. It's still red, only cause it will cost an arm and a leg and two full tanks of gas to get back to normal. But it's totally cute and I love it. (But I will go long again one day, this will just be easy to grow the color out.)

Okay, I think I've rambled enough. Hope everyone had a good day off, and say a prayer for those guys overseas and at home.
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