Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Summer Goals-First Draft

Summer Goals

By the end of June
Have all rooms in the house clean and vacuumed
Put $300 in savings account
Transfer all income to ING account
Have a part time job
Lose 5 pounds
Exercise an average of 3 times a week
Pay off $400 in credit cards aside from minimum balances
Have safety net of $400 in checking
Refinance car loan
Bike once a week
Swim once a week

By the end of July
Have Saxon reorganized
Have classroom reorganized and clean
Put $400 more in savings
Pay off $400 more on a single credit card
Still have safety net of $400 in checking
Complete two books on cross stitch
Lose 10 pounds
Exercise 4 times a week
Bike twice a week
Swim once a week still
Go to beach twice

By the end of August
Lose 15 pounds
Put $400 more in savings
Exercise 4 times a week still
Bike twice a week
Still have safety net
Pay off $400 more on a credit card
Close a credit account?
Go to Six Flags
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