Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Oh, and on a personal note

I do not have gallstones. No surgery. I cannot even say how happy that makes me. Even if it is simple, routine surgery, I was not really jumping for joy at the thought of surgery again, especially since it was just so hard to get through recovery after my first and last surgery (which wasn't routine and included a whole lot of pain, but which still was surgery). So, I'm back to eating what I like while still trying to be a little more healthy and exercise more.

I am also working at Party City again for some extra money this summer. It's going pretty well. The reason I'm up so late is because I'm working overnights for the next two days, which I usually find enjoyable. The manager is also going to be making me a "part time front end supervisor" since her full time FES is leaving in a few weeks. That might or might not mean a pay raise, but it will mean more hours (which is both a yay and a nay--I really don't want to work for 40 hours a week right now, I want more free time).

And, I'm watching The Lake House right now, which I very much enjoy.

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