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Really good weekend

So this is a long time in coming, but I had a really great weekend last weekend. It was a lot of fun to see Ben and Anne and Ashley and Debbie (who was a total surprise!) and everyone else again! I have really missed a lot of people. I made a comment about "wishing I had friends" and Debbie or Anne reminded me that I have friends, I just need to live closer to them.

So, that was really, pretty great.

We had a long drive on Friday where I slept almost the whole trip, which was pretty disappointing for Jordan cause he likes it when we talk on car trips. Then when we got in I went to Ashley's bachlorette party, which had more penii than I expected, including a feather boa with penii on it. So, that was fun.

Ashley and Alec's wedding was really pretty and nice, and I wish I had stayed longer at the reception but Jordan was having an after-reception-party, and we had to leave to get to his house to meet people. There were actually three parties over the whole night, party 1.0, party 1.5, and party 2.0. The first party was mostly high school friends of Jordan (so I was pretty bored then, and kind of wished that I was back at the reception), and then a few people who were from college/high school came, and then Party 2.0 was pretty much when the rest of the college people (post reception) came and the rest of the high school party left. Overall, it was a lot of fun, with people staying until about 1:30 or so.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, I was having a little bit of cramps so I was a little blah, but overall it was nice. Jordan's parents took us to a nice dinner and later that night Jordan and I went swimming, all alone, in his pool. Yeah, infer from that what you will; it's all true. And after that, Anne came home and we stayed up way too late talking and quoting "Friends" (I love Anne!).

The staying up too late meant that we didn't get up on time to leave, which wasn't too bad, because since I wasn't sleepy Jordan and I had a really good, long talk almost the whole ride home. I would say that we talked for about 7 hours. We had a lots of good talks, some serious talks, and overall it was pretty great. We ended up stopping in Waco because we were really tired and it seemed pointless to drive to Austin only to drive back up to Waco the next morning for school (Jordan), and we had a little extra money from Jordan's parents, so we got a hotel, which means....hotel sex! Actually, it was a motel room at motel 6, and overall it was pretty nice. Heck even if the room was kind of dirty we were so tired we probably wouldn't have cared. Anyway, it was really, really a nice nice night.

So, that was the nice weekend. Speaking of nice, that weekend we paid off almost all of our credit card debt. I am so happy I want to cry when I think about it.
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