Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

This is well-said

This video is a very well-educated, and well-spoken answer and it is also fairly close to what I believe. Note that the moderator tries to twist the question around. The actual question was "do you believe the story of creation as it is in the Bible" and the moderator asks him at the end "I believe the question was do you believe literally it was done in 6 days and occured 6000 years ago."

Also, I love that he says, "I don't know." It's like the episode of Studio 60 where Harriet and Matt are arguing about what she said to the press about homosexuality, and finally, exasperated and near tears, Harriet says "I said 'I don't know'!" And then something like, "Can't you accept that? I just don't know."

We don't have to know everything. There will be things we don't know the answer to and may never know the answer to. Science can't explain everything, and to say that you think one day science will have the answer to everything is an act of faith, the same as me saying that I think one day I might find out the answer to the same thing in heaven.

“You say you wonder...That is good. There is a difference between a question and a wonder...A child looks up at the starry sky at night and wonders. He is filled with the joy of the mystery of creation. That is a wonderful thing. Why should I explain everything to you and take away that joy? I will not. The purpose of my words is to create silence, to create joy. I am not here to stuff your head full of knowledge. A child starts out innocent. You ask him something and he says, ‘I don’t know.’ Then that child grows up and thinks he knows everything. I will teach you something, both of you. I will teach you to say, ‘I don’t know,’ and be glad. That is true knowledge.” ~God, Sati, by Christopher Pike

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