Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

And I thought our complex was really good to their renters.

We got a notice to vacate our apartment yesterday. In the evening. After the office closed. For non-payment of December rent, which was due on the 1st and had a grace period of until the 5th. I mailed a check (because of our internet bank account, I cannot write paper checks, but can request that they be mailed by the bank) on the 3rd, and they should have received it by the 5th, but even if the mail was slow they should definitely have received it by yesterday. And now, with no "first notice" and no request for late fees, they send us a notice to vacate. By Tuesday. And they're not open today to go and talk to them about it. Also, the notice is not negotiable, or something like that, meaning that even if we go in and talk to them, our lease stays terminated. Which means we can offer to pay the late rent, and late fees, and they can still not accept it and then if we don't move out they can evict us. Or, they can accept the rent and place us on a month-to-month lease at the current price (which is probably at least a hundred dollar's more than our rent was).

At our last apartment we were late once, and it was because each of us thought the other had already paid the rent. They gave us a notice that says "your rent is late. You owe an additional $50 in late fees. Please pay now." Here we don't even get that. OH! And when I send a check from the bank, the money is removed from the account immediately, like if it was a money order or something. The only way for me to know that they haven't received the check is for them to tell me, or for me to have a reason to go back and look at the check and see if it has been cashed yet. It's not like when you write a check and the money is still in your account until the person cashes it. This is so frustrating that we have to sit here and wait and we really can't do much of anything until tomorrow.

We have some rights but it seems like it's perfectly acceptable for a landlord to do this, too. Which is a little bit ridiculous. But, there is no legal requirement for them to simply say, "you're late, can you pay now please." Also, if they had notified us on the 6th, we could have paid it then, and only have accrued a small amount of late fees. Now, we owe nearly a week of late fees.

This will be a fun tomorrow.

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