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How I Spent My Christmas Vacation, pt 2

St. Louis, pt 2
We left to drive back to St. Louis on the 26th early, and stopped in Chicago for a quick lunch with wickedboldt. I miss Anne. Once again, I need to live closer to my friends. We did a lot of quoting of "How I Met Your Mother," which I think might end up being the new "Friends." It was really good to see Anne again and I hope that she keeps up feeling better.

We got back into St. Louis by dinnertime. Then we opened presents from Jordan's parents and each other. I won't put down everything I got, but some of my favorite presents include Calvin and Hobbes, Photoshop (YAY ICONS AGAIN!), a camcorder (mostly to Jordan but for both of us), The Daring Book For Girls, Math Doesn't Suck, and a bunch of books of logic art puzzles and other logic puzzles. I am totally addicted to the puzzle books. I really love the "paint by number" logic art ones. I can sit and do them for hours. Let's Jordan got me "How I Met Your Mother" season 2, and I got him "The West Wing" full series (I totally blew off our spending limit, I suck). I also got him The Simpsons movie, and a book called Don't Panic, which is a biography of Douglas Adams by Neil Gaimen, his favorite author. His mom also made me a collage of souviniers from our trip to Disney. Then, after we all opened presents, his parents gave us one last present-me, Jordan, and his grandma and grandpa all got Nerf guns and as we opened them, we got attacked by his parents with their own Nerf guns! It was a lot of fun.

The next day, we spent most of the day at home, and then that evening, we celebrated both mine and Jordan's 2nd anniversary and Jordan's parents' 30th anniversary by going out to a really nice restaurant with some of Jordan's parents' friends. His parents even got a limo for the ride there! It was really cool because we had a limo for our wedding night and we drove through a Christmas light display that we also drove through on our wedding night. It was a lot nicer this time around, when I could breathe. (I had a corset on the first time.) The dinner was really good, and it was a really fun evening.

The next day we went to Jordan's grandma's to make biscuits and molasses for breakfast. It was pretty good, the last time I tried molasses I didn't like it so much, but this time I cut it with butter and the biscuits were homemade and fresh out of the oven, and they were pretty good.

We went out to dinner again that evening, this time just family, and once again the food was really good. I got a great chocolate martini, and I had another just cause it was good. I also looked pretty hot that night, I borrowed a coat from Jordan's grandma and I had a new suede skirt I got at Kohl's. I had a lot of clothes that I got from Kohl's on clearance when I went shopping that day, with Jordan's mom. I also got a nice new pair of black dress shoes.

We headed for home the next morning. We had a flight out at 6:30 am again, and this was the worst flight I'd been on in awhile. It was quite hot on the plane, and it felt like the seats were closer and tighter and even less roomy than normal. Ugh, it was a long flight.

Dallas, pt 2
We got in and Jordan's aunt's partner picked us up at the airport. We were going to stick around until Jordan's aunt Susie got home, and I promptly laid down on the couch and fell asleep. And so did Jordan on the loveseat. And we slept. And slept. For four hours. Oh, it felt good. Jordan's aunt got home later and we chatted for awhile and then we left for home.

Well, the past couple of days we have been doing some laundry, (with our new washing machine and dryer that dries clothes in less than an hour! Not in two and a half cycles! YAY!). We took some of our Christmas money, and went to Ikea, and bought a hutch for my fragile stuff. (OH! Jordan and I exchanged the rest of our presents, and I got him a set of Scotchs and he got me a Mickey and Minnie wedding bobble heads, and he got me a fondue pot as well. We've already made a cheese and a chocolate fondue and they've been really great so far.) Anyway, Jordan put the hutch together and I put all our delicate stuff in it. It looks pretty nice. Except, it's a little unsteady because we don't want to attach it to the wall since we're in an apartment, and so we leaned it back quite a bit.

Anyway, the only other thing that happened, was the New Year's Eve party that we went to, at the home of someone I work with. It was a really fun party. At first, I thought it would be really weird because I didn't know about half of the people there. But it was a really fun party.

And today I have finished all my grading, and all I have left to do is plan for this week (just Thursday and Friday) and put all my grading in the computer. YAY!

Now I'm going to go do a puzzle or two. Have a good night!
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