Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Things I wish I could do one more time...

paintitblack22 did this and it made me want to do it, too.

Have my first kiss

Ride my bike to "curvetown"

Run away with my friends to the driveway

Hang upside down from the monkey bars

Teach Calculus

Walk to Sleven with Anne and Jordan

Hang lights for Sleeping Beauty

Go to prom junior year

Build the set for my first play in high school

Read under the desk in class

Have a 2am night and a Last Resort morning with Melissa

Chat with my dad after he gets home from work late at night when I should be in bed

Have a sleepover with my girlfriends in grade school

Walk along the shore of Lake Huron

Get an A in a class that I worked my butt off in, and feel like I really did earn it

Have devotions with Anna in the morning
Tags: brett, high school, honeymoon, jordan, love, meme, random, troy
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