Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl


So after being sick with three separate infections (eye, ear, sinus) I was finally starting to feel better this week Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday night my throat started hurting, my nose started running, and overall I started to get sick again. Thursday-Saturday I had a low-grade fever and felt pretty damn miserable. I still feel pretty crappy but my fever seems to have broken. Boy, I'm tired of this. It would be great if I felt better by next weekend, because Friday night is the lock-in for my one act play (and we have a lot of work to do) and Sunday is when we are supposed to leave for our Spring Break trip to New Orleans! We're going to see Flogging Molly in New Orleans and in Houston. And by we, I mean me and Jordan and another teacher from my school and her husband. Jordan and I are excited cause we have friends!

Anyway, I'm tired. I have to finish my schoolwork and laundry so I can read some more of the book I just bought. I've read it before but I really like it and am excited to read the series again. (It's called Magician by Raymond Feist.)
Tags: reading, sick, vacation

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