Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Only an English major would think up a meme like this.

A new word you've begun using recently:
Meme (I still feel like a silly teen when I say it.)

A word you discovered that described something you've been wanting a word for:
Hither and thither means "to this place and to that place"

An archaic word you like using:
Let me get out my King James Bible... Anon

A word you actually use that few of your friends use use:
I can't think of a word, so I'll just say that I like puns and few of my friends do, cause that has to do with words.

A word you wish would crawl in a hole and die:

A word that you use that you wish you wouldn't:

A word that you hate seeing misspelled:
common homophones, such as their, there, and they're, or your and you're

A word you overuse:

A word you wish you could use more often:
a bientot
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