Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

So I don't talk much on here anymore.

Things are going pretty well down here in Texas. I think I'll manage to make it through at least a few more years. I would like to maybe move closer to home sometime soon. I've always said that home is where I am at, and I always felt like that all through college, I called the dorm home when I was there and I called Detroit home when I was there. But I don't think Texas will ever be home for me. When I refer to Detroit I still call it home, or back home. Anyway, we're thinking we'll at least live out my indentured servitude to the LCMS in Austin. Then, we'll look at phd programs and maybe kids.

I have a good friend down here now, and her husband is great so the four of us get along well and spend a lot of time together. They're the couple I went to New Orleans with. Their son has slowly grown to really love me and Jordan, and last night I spent hours playing with him. He's definitely both advancing my maternal instincts but also keeping me sated enough for now. I have definitely decided that I can't work full time and be a mom, I just couldn't do it. At least, not teaching. Something I could leave at work when I left for the day, maybe. Not teaching. So I'm looking at stay-at-home mommy time when we're ready (which is what I originally wanted all along anyway).

We've been doing a strict cash only no credit cards budget lately. It's been going well except that we've been spending some of our extra money this summer on some necessities to make ends meet. Hopefully when we move in the fall to a cheaper place we'll be a little bit better off (except Jordan will be driving to Waco three times a week instead of just two...)

I've been hiking and weight lifting with Jordan lately, on a good regular schedule. Well, it had been regular but it's going to take a hit for the next two weeks. I'm going on a mission trip to Valdosta, GA. It's a work camp, we'll be repairing houses and stuff. After that, we'll be white water rafting, rope coursing, and horseback riding. That's the carrot they dangle part. I'm really nervous about the work camp, I've never done anything like this before in my life. And it's really long, it's total about 10 days. They split you up so that you are in groups with different people from all over and different youth groups not your own. That kind of freaks me out a little, but I'll live, I know. Mainly, I'm really going to miss Jordan. A lot. But it will be good, I'm sure.

Alright, it's late and we have an early start tomorrow. The original intent of this post was just to say that I wouldn't be around for about two weeks cause of the trip. Have fun everyone!

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