Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Sigh...why did I ever get interested in politics to begin with?

So, the senator who shouted "you lie" when Obama said his plan would not cover illegals released an apology.  It's unclear right now whether or not he wrote the apology before the speech, that's the rumor which may not be true, but it is clear that he promised his constituents that their voices would be heard.  Interesting...

Some of this goes back to Tuesday's broadcast being shunned from some schools due to parent reactions, but I have to say this.  Yes, we have a liberal president.  Many people may not necessarily agree with all of his politics.  I doubt all of Bush's supporters agreed with all of his politics.  But, there is something we are losing called RESPECT FOR OUR PRESIDENT.  His message Tuesday to the students was "you are important to our country, so stay in school so that you can impact it and make a difference."  I may be crazy, but what Republican or Libertarian or Christian or Muslim does not want their child to hear that message?  Because it comes from someone who thinks it's Constitutionally correct for gays to marry, suddenly it is less important or valid?  You don't have to support him, but show some respect people. 

And so, it pleases me to note this about last night's senator who felt the need to preemptively call our President a liar on national television:  his website crashed last night, and his opponent in next year's election raised $30,000 between the end of the speech and this morning. Since this morning the opponent has raised $100,000 from 3,000 donors.

Also, FYI, here is what the plan calls for regarding illegal immigrants:  like American citizens, they would be required to buy insurance.  This will help keep taxpayers from footing the bill for ER visits by illegal immigrants, this is a good thing.  Yes, they would be allowed to buy it using the exchange Obama talked about (the one funded by premium payments and not taxpayer money) but they would not be eligible for the vouchers that poorer citizens can receive.  So...perhaps if it is passed in this form, Obama was honest when he said that it would not use taxpayer money to pay for illegal immigrants?

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