Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

The house, she is ours.  We have already painted the master bedroom.  It's a fantastic bright caribbean blue.  The ceiling (I almost typed sky) is a deeper ocean blue.  Actually if you go to home depot and find Ocean Blue, I believe that is the exact color, and the one above it is the wall color, and the trim is the top color of the four on the card.  Okay, color is still spelled color, right?  On half the these the spellcheck has them underline and on the other half it doesn't...weird.  Anyway.  I just love the new house.  First of all, it's clean.  Second, there's nothing in it so it's really easy to clean.  Maybe we'll get rid of a lot of stuff after we move.  Yeah, I know most people do that before they move.  SIlly us, we're in too much of a rush.   But we have a nice big garage that we can actually keep stuff in and still park a car as well.  

We had to buy a new vacuum so we bought a midway nice one.  It's got a rinsable filter, which is fantastic.  Our Sunday School group gave us some Target money for our new house, it was really sweet, and that paid for most of it.  We're making all kinds of little plans for the new place.  We'll get back on the budget next month, but I put all our extra money into "house/moving" so we've been a little spendy.  Also been eating badly.  The kitchen is horribly messy and we can't seem to catch up on all the dishes.  They might be the last things that we move. 

Work is going really well this year.  There was a big HR sort of wrinkle, but it was completely ironed out and it's all fixed now. It was potentially a job-changing kind of thing, but luckily that's not the case.  I like Redeemer a lot.  It's a good place to be for the most part.  Good kids.  And believe it or not, they are hurting and struggling just like anyone else.  It's good to help them.

Well, we still have a ton to pack and we move Saturday.  Luckily we have another week to clean out the duplex and fix it up before it's inspected and we wash our hands of it permanently.  Also, Nathanael is probably going to come down and help schlep stuff that is leftover after we move all the major furniture and boxes that are already packed on Saturday, plus clean the duplex.  I'm really hoping that he is able to (though it would be fantastic if he got the job he interviewed and can't do it) because it wili be a lot nicer to clean the duplex with more help.

Alright, I'm going to get going.  I want to try to post more.


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