Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

My second 26th Birthday

So, I turned 26 again this year. (I was born in a skip-a-year so I get to turn 26 again. It's real, go ask your history teacher.) I had a really great 48 hour long birthday. For the past 4 years, I have had to work as my birthday has been on a school day. This year, it was on a Saturday. My room mother brought me lunch (Pad Thai from Pei Wei) and yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting for the class. Yum! Jordan had flowers delivered to my room at school (half dozen red roses) and they were just beautiful, that was how my day began. I looked cute all day because, well, I just am cute. Friday evening we had a fundraiser volleyball game at the school which was a huge blast, and I just had a great time at it. We also raised a whole lot of money, almost double what we raised last year. Then, after the game, Jordan, Nathanael, and I went to The Melting Pot and had a great dinner. Last time we had been there Jordan and I were celebrating our anniversary, and they brought us champagne. This time, I thought they were going to as well, but when they brought out the dessert, there was a candle in the cake, and I thought that was it. I blew out the candle and Nathanael asked me what I wished for, and I told him "Free champagne." A few minutes later the manager came by with champagne for us! At that point, Nathanael said I should have wished for a million dollars.

We went home and went to bed, and then the next morning I was going to go watch Rugby with Jordan and Nathanael at Fado's but instead I slept in on my birthday, a luxury I hadn't been able to enjoy in ages. Then, I did some cleaning and unpacking, but mostly cleaning as the house had been in a holding stage for a week while we finished up at the duplex. Instead of feeling like work, it felt really good to straighten up and make the house look nicer. After I did that for awhile, I took the gift cards I got the day before from my class and from my room mother and from Nathanael and went shopping! I bought some really cute clothes (and a necklace to match my star earrings).
In Black
The necklace goes with these earrings.
After shopping, we went to Karaoke with the Cliftons. They had been a bit skeptical about going, but they went anyway because I basically said it was what I really wanted to do on my birthday. They and all of us had a BLAST! We sang some really fun songs, including The Sign, Your Song, ADIDAS, Tubthumping, Getting Jiggy With It, Bitch (which I rocked by the way, thank you Melissa for all the practice).

After karaoke we went to a late dinner at Papadeaux's and then went home and proceeded to watch Role Models and Fanboys, two of my favorite movies from the summer (Role Models is by far the best of the two). And that is how I spent my second 26th birthday and it was really great.

OH! I almost forgot. The Cliftons bought Jordan and I these really great animal friendly leather jackets. Mine is totally 80s biker chick and it's awesome!

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