Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Today was not a day

Today was a day I needed to be around people. I was down all morning, then I finally made myself leave at 2 to go shopping, and while I was out I was fine, then I came back home and was depressed again, but as soon as I picked Jordan up I felt better, and then I was down until I got to rehearsal and then after I got to rehearsal I was mostly better. Stupid being alone sometimes.

#10 Stardust the graphic novel by Neil Gaimen and illustrated by Charles Vess

This is a neat graphic novel because unlike Neverwhere and possibly Coraline, the text is exactly the same as the original novel, there are just beautiful illustrations added. If you like romances and you like fantasies and you haven't read this you are missing out on probably the best romantic fantasy book there is. It will always make me think of Brett and Nikki, though, and I'm sure they know why. This is also one book that isn't ruined by a bad movie version--although the movie is very different in many ways and has a very movie end (happily ever after and all that, not that the book isn't happy, just a little more realistic in a way that would never have translated to film), the changes overall make for a good movie, and probably better than translating the book word for word into a screenplay would have turned out.

I think I might try Catcher in the Rye next. The catch--not picturing Ben Affleck whenever I read "Holden."
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