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So Jordan is possibly going to receive a call to a church in St. Louis. If he does we probably won't know until it's too late for me to look for a job. So last week I sent out nearly 50 resumes to private schools in the greater St. Louis area. I have received a few replies, most of them saying they have no openings currently. However, today I received a reply from a school that said: "Mr. Harris [the principal] received your resume. When will you be in in the area for an interview? We will have an opening next year for a teacher in calculus, precalculus, and trigonometry."

My initial response, my first reaction, was: Are you freaking kidding me!?! This is like my dream job. I love upper-level math, I think trigonometry is awesome, and it's at a Catholic high school which means I should have fewer problems with classroom management, And I still get to teach in a Christian setting. Also, the cool thing about Catholic high schools is that they don't expect all their teachers to believe in Catholic teachings. They expect you to teach Catholic beliefs to the students, which is fine, but I don't have to feel like I am living a double life as much as I do now.

So after the initial amazement wore off, I'm starting to feel a little more nervous. One of the cool things is that Jordan said if I do get this job and he doesn't get the church position in St. Louis, we could probably still move anyway. I am so psyched that I might get to teach upper-level math. Looking at job openings in the past month, many of the high school positions required a Masters degree and/or previous high school teaching experience, neither of which I had. I was starting to think that it was going to be a while before I could work my way up to these classes in a school where I started out teaching something lower-level. To know that the possibility is out there is very, very cool. I know of course that it's just an interview and I am I don't have the position yet, but I'm still pretty darn excited about the possibility.
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