Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Job update

I had my first interview today. It was a short phone interview, but the principal had her cook call in sick and had to help serve food for lunch, so she could only talk about 20 minutes.

She asked about my classroom management, and I gave some specific examples and included intervening with repeat offenders to help them take responsibility for their own learning.

She asked about my homework philosophy, which I felt I explained and reasoned well.

She asked about communicating with parents and I talked about our school's system (probably not the best answer since it's school specific) and I also mentioned that while the system automatically sends out notifications I used to do that on my own as a teacher, to email at the end of the day parents whose students were missing homework. Also, while I said I often use email, when a parent brings up a concerns my first go-to is "we should talk about this in person" because email can cause miscommunication. So not the best answer possible but I think I did alright there.

I think the last part was about how I help struggling students and I emphasized my knowledge of the grade level by mentioning that students will often not admit to struggling. I talked about how to check each day to look for students who did not understand the concepts and I talked about how I offer math help and make myself available before and after school.

So, anyway, that's my first interview. At the end we did not have time for me to ask questions, but she mentioned briefly the salary/benefits aspects of the job, and said she might contact me again if she needs additional information and hopes to know by the beginning of May.

It's grades 5-8 so it's not my ideal (high school) job but it's something I would be comfortable doing.

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